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February 19th, 2012 | Posted by Dipasri Paul in Apps for productivity | business app | Latest trends | Most popular apps | Usefull Apps

Softcell Solution has released new mobile app “Sales Ledger” .  This is first mobile app in android market of this kind for all professionals. This is a   Free!!!  Business app. It easily manages your invoices and receipts for all clients. You can track all invoice and receipt amounts and check outstanding balance for any client. You can generate reports for invoice, receipts for a day, week, month or any period of time. You can generate sales reports for each client for a period or total sales for a client for any day or a period. The easy navigation and help will guide you through.

Get the app :

1. In welcome screen you will get 4 navigation keys/buttons. Click on “client ” to enter new client details. save the client details and start working. Initially you need to add invoices and receipts.


Tab on client List to see all clients.

2. Add invoice and and receipts from “add invoice” and “add receipt” in the navigation bar


3. Click “Total Invoice” or “Total Receipt” to get total list of invoices and receipts for that particular client


4. Now you can view the total outstanding bill with all details of invoices and receipts by clicking “Bill”. you can view Bill, Invoice and receipts for a particular date or for a period by clicking “search by date” or “for a period” respectively. “all” shows all (default view).

all these above are for clients.

5.Now you can view all invoices and receipts for all clients. For this click on “Invoice” and “Receipt” respectively in home page. You can see them for a particular date or for a time period by clicking “search by date” or “for a period” respectively. “all” shows all (default view).

6. All these help you can view from any page of the application and contact any client from the application on long press on client list.



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