Sales Force Automation(SFA) is a Sales process management system which includes sales network, customer relationship and lead management.


Automation of lead processing and better management of sales.

Real time access of enquiries, quotations and orders.

Enhance efficiency of sales network and sales process.

Ensure increase in leads by streamlining sales cycle.

Increase company's profitability by making sales cycle better and dynamic.

Flexibility to assign customers to employees and streamline quote conversion to lead.


Less manpower and increased overhead.

Easy and fast sales report generation and scheduling.

Monitor employee performance over day, month and a period of time.

Keep track of customer interaction and eliminates tracking individual employee.

Real time lead generation & employee report helps to save time and money.

Lead management system eliminates the conflict of client management to employee.

How does it work

Employee authentication and assign access level from Admin.

Interface to view/add enquiries, quotations, orders and status.

Assign enquiries to employee and track them.

Track followup of an enquiry and its quotation.

View payments against orders and generate real time report.


Employee login/authentication from mobile.

Employee will get Product/service catalog, enquiries list on mobile

Employee can submit new enquiry and quotation from mobile app.

Employee can view all follow up done to a particular enquiry.

Employee can view orders and payments on their mobile on real time basis.