New App: Kids Math Book (Free)

May 28th, 2012 | Posted by Dipasri Paul in Usefull Apps

Softcell Solutions has released our new kids math app – A Complete math solution for kids.

Let your kids learn complete math in an easier way. This app teaches math from the very first step and ends up with a hard 30 minutes test paper of all types.

“3 to 6 years” SECTION:

  1. Learn counting
  2. Addition (single digit to multiple digit)
  3. Subtraction (single digit to multiple digit)



“7 to 10 years” SECTION:

  1. Learn  tables
  2. Multiplication (single digit to multiple digit)
  3. Division (single digit to multiple digit)



“Exercise&Score” SECTION:

  1. Randomized test papers for  + , – , * , /
  2. Fill the missing operator
  3. Fill the missing operand
  4. Each test paper shows a timer of 30 minutes and shows Runtime scores.
  5. Score board shows all scores which parents can sort task wise


Get this free app from Google Android Market :

This app makes math very much easier and parents can easily sort out at which section their kids are performing good or poor.  We welcome suggestion and feedback from all parents and teachers.

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