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Android app

January 16th, 2012 | Posted by Dipasri Paul in Latest trends | NFC – (0 Comments)

I was searching for some add to check regular updates of finance. As we are busy all the time in work it is not possible to open internet browser everytime and then any site which gives Market news and “ohhh…I forgot to refresh” Yes it is compulsory to refresh it each time you need the ups and downs of Market accurately. In android market I saw an app named and it was also free of cost. I downloaded it and surprisingly it is fabulous. Anytime you open it on the first screen you can see the current Market status and the User Interface is also so friendly with lots of data. You can use the application to get real time stock quotes, Indian and Global market Indices, manage and keep track of your investment portfolio, watch Live TV and get in-depth coverage & analysis of financial markets, economy and business. Click on this link to get this app

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