Softcell Solutions has released a new sketching and painting app in Google Android Market named Sketch n Paint.

Sketch n Paint is the free tool for sketching, drawing and painting. You can easily sketch and paint your imagination on the screen with just finger touch as smooth as possible. User Interface is very easy and simple for make it convenient for kids too. Select any color, brush size and express your creativity.



Get this free app from Google Android Market:

Google has shifted its digital contents to Google Play. It offers apps, games, eBooks, Music and Movies. In android Devices the “Android Market” has been replaced by “Google Play”.

Play With Music– (only US)Google offers a cloud based storage for all content offering where users can store their own songs and play it anywhere just with email id through Google Play Music App. User can share these musics also.  Google Play is automatically stored in your music library and you can even add up to 20,000 of your own songs for free. With your music saved online, you can stop worrying about storage space and start enjoying your collection anywhere.  

Play with Books– There are millions of free ebooks to read anywhere anytime and millions more to buy. Browse your favorite author,  Title and new releases anytime anywhere form your device. Post the book in GOOGLE+, share it via Gmail, Bluetooth or text messages. All your favorites are stored in cloud which you can access from your device with your Google id in Google Play Books App. You can choose Font style, text size and line height to read it comfortably.

Play with apps– This is the android app store which was previously known as “Android Market”. Here you can browse your apps and games and download it easily. Make your device synchronize with your Google mail Id . It will automatically suggest all apps and games supported by your device.

Play With  Movies– Browse unlimited movies from unlimited Titles. Rent them and view instantly or buy them to download and watch later from your phone, tablet or any web connected PC from Google Play Movies App.

We have launched a new Social app in android named “Flickr eCard”. This is a free app.Here you can search images and create custom Greeting Card for any occasion  and share it through email, facebook and all other social networking websites. You can also pick any picture from your phone gallery or camera, crop it and write text on it. The easy drag and drop interface makes you able to place your text anywhere on the image.

get the app:-

1. Here is the home screen with search box and camera and gallery buttons.

2. After searching an image you can select more than one images and save them in your phone SD card. Click More for more images

3. Click on Image for Image preview, Make custom greeting card or set the image as wallpaper

4. Click on “Make Postcard” to make card . Write text in different color, style and font and add it on the image. drag and drop the text on image and place it anywhere on the image. Share it to your dear one.


Click on “Edit” to change Image or Text  on it.


Softcell Solution has released new mobile app “Sales Ledger” .  This is first mobile app in android market of this kind for all professionals. This is a   Free!!!  Business app. It easily manages your invoices and receipts for all clients. You can track all invoice and receipt amounts and check outstanding balance for any client. You can generate reports for invoice, receipts for a day, week, month or any period of time. You can generate sales reports for each client for a period or total sales for a client for any day or a period. The easy navigation and help will guide you through.

Get the app :

1. In welcome screen you will get 4 navigation keys/buttons. Click on “client ” to enter new client details. save the client details and start working. Initially you need to add invoices and receipts.


Tab on client List to see all clients.

2. Add invoice and and receipts from “add invoice” and “add receipt” in the navigation bar


3. Click “Total Invoice” or “Total Receipt” to get total list of invoices and receipts for that particular client


4. Now you can view the total outstanding bill with all details of invoices and receipts by clicking “Bill”. you can view Bill, Invoice and receipts for a particular date or for a period by clicking “search by date” or “for a period” respectively. “all” shows all (default view).

all these above are for clients.

5.Now you can view all invoices and receipts for all clients. For this click on “Invoice” and “Receipt” respectively in home page. You can see them for a particular date or for a time period by clicking “search by date” or “for a period” respectively. “all” shows all (default view).

6. All these help you can view from any page of the application and contact any client from the application on long press on client list.



NFC( Near Field Communication) is a set of standards for communication for mobile devices within a short range ( within few centimetres ) and allows one device to share data within another device.

Most leading brands like Nokia, Samsung, RIM , HTC are launching NFC enabled devices. Now apple is believed to add NFC to iphone 5. NFC offer wide range of possibilities for contactless transfer of data with security.  The use of NFC ranges from transportation system in Japan to contactless e-shakti cards in rural Bihar.  NFC has possibilities in shopping, parking tickets, movie tickets, mobile wallets,  health care,  identity documents, data transfer and games.

As NFC enabled devices become popular,  there will be a huge market for NFC apps.  This short range communication system is going to change the way people use credit cards,  gift vouchers, discount coupons, loyalty cards, membership cards, employee ID cards.

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