Google has shifted its digital contents to Google Play. It offers apps, games, eBooks, Music and Movies. In android Devices the “Android Market” has been replaced by “Google Play”.

Play With Music– (only US)Google offers a cloud based storage for all content offering where users can store their own songs and play it anywhere just with email id through Google Play Music App. User can share these musics also.  Google Play is automatically stored in your music library and you can even add up to 20,000 of your own songs for free. With your music saved online, you can stop worrying about storage space and start enjoying your collection anywhere.  

Play with Books– There are millions of free ebooks to read anywhere anytime and millions more to buy. Browse your favorite author,  Title and new releases anytime anywhere form your device. Post the book in GOOGLE+, share it via Gmail, Bluetooth or text messages. All your favorites are stored in cloud which you can access from your device with your Google id in Google Play Books App. You can choose Font style, text size and line height to read it comfortably.

Play with apps– This is the android app store which was previously known as “Android Market”. Here you can browse your apps and games and download it easily. Make your device synchronize with your Google mail Id . It will automatically suggest all apps and games supported by your device.

Play With  Movies– Browse unlimited movies from unlimited Titles. Rent them and view instantly or buy them to download and watch later from your phone, tablet or any web connected PC from Google Play Movies App.

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