Softcell Solution has launched a new app “Follow up Manager”. This app helps to note all work schedules with full details and follow up through voice call, SMS and e-mail. You do not need to leave the app when you are viewing all your schedules to contact them. You can contact from anywhere of the application. It also gives you notification inside the app whether the follow up schedule is done or not so that you do not have to remember all those manually. And yes you also can note down what conversation you had with the particular person (referred as Client in the app) on a particular date so that you can make a summary/report of all of them.

click here to install this app:-

1. Go to the main screen and tab below on “index” .


2. If you are using it first time then select “Add Follow up Schedule”  and the following screen will appear. click on “Pick ph no from call log” for quick contact entry for call log. all set date and set time buttons are for quick date and time picker. Below you will get  “Save” & “Back” buttons, click them to save schedule you entered and cancel respectively. There is a horizontal scroll at the top for easy navigation below the header “ADD CLIENT DETAIL” . scroll it left-right to get all other navigation keys. This Easy Navigation Bar you will get on all pages.


3. To see all saved schedules click on “List of Follow up schedules” in home page or “All records” in Easy navigation bar from any pages.  you can view all Schedules for current day (for this click “Today”) and also for any particular date (for this click “Search by Date”). You can see the red and green status on each schedule. You can also check all schedules you have missed to follow up. For this click “Missed follow up”.


4. To make Client report click “Client Report”. Here you can add (click “Add report”) conversation or follow up details and view them to make report for a particular client.

5. See details, update details and delete. To see details and update it click on the schedule listed and you will get details page from where you can update the schedule, delete it and call the person. To delete more than one schedule at a time click “delete” in conext menu and select all those you want to delete and then delete.


6. All these above help guide are inbuilt  from home page to all over the app.



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