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Business Application Development

We have vast experience across different industries in planning and delivering small to mid sized business applications. Our teams’ domain specific expertise with in-depth understanding of cutting edge technologies makes it possible for us to deliver highly cost effective solutions. The increasing competition and rapidly changing global market require businesses to stay alert, react quicker and perform new challenges . Our solutions help clients to drive business value from technology investments and capitalize on increased sales opportunities, cost efficiencies, new revenue stream generation and enhanced communications with customers, partners, suppliers, employees.


The communication providers will Acquire more business in less time. Our Bussiness Application solution will help you to ramp up store Traffic and boost retail sales. We can equip your sales representatives, dealers, and third-party agents with the tools and information they need for selling success, automate business processes like quote sharing, contract management, and subscriber upgrades and Empower store managers to recruit, train, and manage staff to drive sales volume with exceptional customer service. We will facilitate you by the tools which will keep customers happy, engaged, and loyal and offer a 100% self-service portal so they can manage their entire experience themselves—devices, plans, billing, and accounts.

Financial Services

The Financial Services industry is reinventing itself into a more cost effective, efficient, and agile industry. We provide the Financial Service providers a scalable, multi-tenant service that provides constant innovation and automatic upgrades.

Commercial Banking

Commercial banks often acquire different lines of business or different reporting lines as commercial banking industry is facing an evolving business environment—everything is being re-thought and reconfigured. Banks are re-inventing themselves and their operating models to stay in tune with ever-increasing regulation and emerge leaner, faster, and more focused on their customers. Our services will let you to:-
Push the right information to employees and let them share information securely Allow employees to follow documents, client records, and external banking systems Let everyone work in real time from any browser or mobile device your sales teams gets everyone engaged in a single sales process, while still giving flexibility to different product groups. Within this single process, everyone shares a common language, making it easier to increase forecast and pipeline accuracy. You will have the opportunity to increase revenue by cross-selling and up-selling products to customers. It is easy to develop custom applications. You can create what you need to manage all channels. We don’t provide any software to install or hardware to maintain, freeing up resources to focus on what’s important: your bank’s mission.

Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturers are taking a fresh look at how their businesses should run, and are moving mission-critical processes into the cloud. More than ever they are seeking cost-effective strategies, customizable applications, and integration with ERP and other systems. We will provide real-time enterprise collaboration, information sharing across any device—from desktop to smart phone—and the agility through real-time views across their businesses to win in this new economic environment.


Our services provide streamlining processes like lead tracking and opportunity management, so sales teams in newspaper circulation, ad sales, events, and publishing can spend more time selling and close deals faster. You can further enhance productivity with our specialized features for ad booking, royalty rights, and event management.
Whether your business is print, online, broadcast, gaming or other new media, it’s a challenge to keep customers loyal. Your reps can provide better answers faster, with fewer clicks. You can empower customers with a self-service portal. Instantly scale to offer efficient, accessible service through new channels, including any mobile device. And create an online community to keep your customers engaged and involved. We tools will facilitate sales executives moment-to-moment insight into everything happening throughout their organization. With customizable dashboards and reports, plus real-time analytics, you can track and assess critical sales metrics such as top ad packages sold, performance to budget, top RFPs, rep activity and level of influence, agency volume, and win rates. The result is smarter and more agile decisions.

Health Care

Leading healthcare and life sciences organizations everywhere are exchanging the headaches managing hardware and software for real business outcomes, our service will facilitate them in the followings:

Sales and marketing success
Improved customer service at lower cost
Efficient collaboration with partners, providers, and patients
Custom application development at 5 times the speed and ½ the cost

High Tech

Our suite of applications for high tech provides end-to-end functionality for the industry’s key business processes and builds on a foundation of ease of use and ease of customization to ensure strong user adoption to the industries ranging from the largest high-tech manufacturing and software companies in the world to small teams, thousands of companies in software and services, consumer electronics, complex equipment manufacturing, semiconductors, and other high-tech sectors.


Our low-cost and low-risk computing solutions make it easy to run your business and build powerful custom apps. That’s because there’s no software, hardware, or huge upfront costs. Just phenomenal success in:

Recruiting, enabling and managing franchisees, find and recruit entrepreneurs, and develop new retail sites.
Lowering the cost of managing stores. You can quickly build tools to accelerate construction and keep a lid on project management costs—for store roll-out in record time.

Putting the customer voice at the heart of your business . Assemble a store locator with point-and-click ease. Let patrons help themselves (while lowering your costs) through a 100% self-service portal.

Precise, up-to-the-minute tracking of store performance metrics. Let executives track store performance, market segmentation, and sales forecasts with real-time dashboards and reports. Customize scorecards to measure customer satisfaction and gauge the health of individual stores.


Hundreds of higher education institutions of all sizes are attracted to its instant scalability, ease of configuration, and support for multiple functional roles. We can provide a platform will revolutionize your ability to track and manage student, faculty, alumni and donor relationships, all from a single application.
It’s a unified view of every interaction prospects, students, alumni, volunteers, members, supporters and affiliates have with your department or institution. Combine this with all of the tools to drive growth and success – prospecting, campaign management, analytics, web portals, and the ability to build custom applications without having to code – and you’re well on your way to getting your school to work more smarter while better measuring your success. The features are:

Constituent relationship with Students
Recruiting and Admission
Manage the donation cycle from pledge to payment including individual donations and grants.
Deliver superior customer support with easy to configure cases, escalation rules, self service function, knowledge base and call center applications.
Develop enterprise applications
Collaborate in real-time
Build and run any Web site or Web application
Mobile Application

Public Sector

Our services will improve your constituents—whether walk-in, call-in, or self-service online. To harness the power of online communities, create branded Web sites that let you join the conversation and capture feedback and ideas from citizens and employees.

Whether you’re the grantor or grantee, you can manage your programs, projects, and finances from anywhere in real time. Provide and receive clear visibility and accountability with real-time dashboards,

Why Us ?

We ensure cost effective solutions while maintaining quality as per industry standards.

We have Domain specific expertise to support and extend your business model.

We ensure focused approach, better quality and efficient solutions.

We understand your business as much as you do.

A pool of resources from different technologies ensures more suitable solutions without any bottleneck.