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Blackberry Applications

Blackberry was the first brand which was launched as a business phone and still hold a that image in the market. As per the projected image Blackberry phones come with hardware capabilities to handle business applications.

While targeting handheld device users if we ignore blackberry we ignore a market segment which comprises serious business users and professionals.

Small and big companies from various industries like travel, shopping, banking, insurance and health are building blackberry applications for their businesses.

We have an experienced team of Blackberry developers which has successfully developed and implemented business applications and other utilities running on OS.

  • Client/Server Application
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Wireless Entertainment
  • Advertisement Applications
  • Internet based Solutions
  • Mobile, PDA, Embedded and Wireless technologies

Why Us ?

We ensure cost effective solutions while maintaining quality as per industry standards.

We have Domain specific expertise to support and extend your business model.

We ensure focused approach, better quality and efficient solutions.

We understand your business as much as you do.

A pool of resources from different technologies ensures more suitable solutions without any bottleneck.